Dear friends,

the CBJ (CodeBreakers-Journal) is is a free online Journal for Algorithms, Virus-Research, Software-Protection and Reverse Code Engineering.

For the first issue we request papers and participation.

Full Length paper Submission Deadline May 31, 2004

Papers are requested in the following areas:

Watchdogs; Parallel Algorithms; 64-Bit-Technology; Genetic Algorithms; Neuronal Networks; Petri-Nets; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Agents; Compression; Cryptography; Multi Threading

Virus-Analysis; Spreading Technologies; Self-Modifying-Code; Polymorphic Code; Metamorphism; VX Development; Worms; Trojans; Multithreaded Attacking Systems; Hiding Techniques

Cryptographic Protections; Watchdogs; Multi-Threaded Protections; Hardware Protections; Commercial Protector Evaluation (Tool Review); Shrinker; Crypter; Packer; Law; Software-Piracy; New Technologies

Cryptanalysis within applications; Self-Modifying-Code; Polymorphic Code; Metamorphism; System Analysis; Protection Analysis; Linux Reverse Code Engineering; New Technologies


The topics above are just a guideline, not a must !

If you have any questions about the CodeBreakers-Journal feel free to contact me.

If you are not the right point of contact for this material we apologise,
and would appreciate you forwarding this to the correct person
or providing me with the contact details.

Best regards,

Chief Editor
CBJ (CodeBreakers-Journal)
Journal for Algorithms, Virus-Research, Software-Protection and Reverse Code Engineering