well i have unpacked my target and fix the imports with imprec the programs runs well but when i try to do it in another so like 98 for example the executable fails, i have to ru imprec now and fix the dump now, so how can i fix this? i want to make an executable that runs in both sos.

this is my tables
1 CCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 0138 GetCurrentThreadId
1 CCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 007B DeleteCriticalSection
1 CCCCCC8 kernel32.dll 023A LeaveCriticalSection
1 CCCCCCC kernel32.dll 0090 EnterCriticalSection
1 CCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 020F InitializeCriticalSection
1 CCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 0367 VirtualFree

in one and
1 CCCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 015D GetCurrentThreadId
1 CCCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 00D6 DeleteCriticalSection
1 CCCCCCC8 kernel32.dll 0228 LeaveCriticalSection
1 CCCCCCCC kernel32.dll 00E1 EnterCriticalSection
1 CCCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 020A InitializeCriticalSection
1 CCCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 031B VirtualFree
in another how can i fix this? any help?
the cs are like xs. ;->