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Thread: problem fixing imports

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    problem fixing imports

    well i have unpacked my target and fix the imports with imprec the programs runs well but when i try to do it in another so like 98 for example the executable fails, i have to ru imprec now and fix the dump now, so how can i fix this? i want to make an executable that runs in both sos.

    this is my tables
    1 CCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 0138 GetCurrentThreadId
    1 CCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 007B DeleteCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCC8 kernel32.dll 023A LeaveCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCCC kernel32.dll 0090 EnterCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 020F InitializeCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 0367 VirtualFree

    in one and
    1 CCCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 015D GetCurrentThreadId
    1 CCCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 00D6 DeleteCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCCC8 kernel32.dll 0228 LeaveCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCCCC kernel32.dll 00E1 EnterCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCCC0 kernel32.dll 020A InitializeCriticalSection
    1 CCCCCCC4 kernel32.dll 031B VirtualFree
    in another how can i fix this? any help?
    the cs are like xs. ;->
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    As far I can see, only hints are different, and this isn't an issue, because PE loader loads imports by name, if find that hint is wrong (does it looks at hints at all?). Borland Delphi for example sets hints to zero.
    So fault is elsewhere (wrong PE format for NT, API difference for Win95 and NT, etc.).
    What error do you receive exactly?

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    this is the problem. now the problem is fixed. with imprec i had fix by ordinal. only i have to do is untick this and the problems goes out many thx people. One friend has help me before you, but in any maner many thx
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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