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Thread: Can any guru give me some hints on ClearCase?

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    Question Can any guru give me some hints on ClearCase?

    Recently I have been trying to figure out a key( or make a keygen ) for ClearCase ( NOT ClearCase LT ), but I almost failed ( only choice is crack it).

    At first I consider it use FlexLM like other Rational products, eventually I find it is not. It use a license management like NetLS, we can call it Atria License Management. ClearCase is developed originally by a company named Atria, Atria was bought by Rational, then Rational was bought by IBM. Atria's CEO Paul Levine is former engineer of Apollo Computer, which had a License Management named NetLS (only use on some Unix like AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Irix).

    It's license like this mode:
    -license ClearCase TEMPORARY *.30 99991231 3c2a17d4.3d73047d.02

    So any guru give me soome hints?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    As Above

    You may not know it, but you have just asked the board to crack the software and hand it over on a platter to you. This board will help you. But you need to point to us where you are stuck. And the matter of fact that you have indeed tried something to crack it. Detailing the CEO's names and history of the company won't cut the cake.

    However, I understand that chances of you providing details with how you have tried to crack this is very slim, considering that you do not even know exactly the protection name, its versions or even how it works!!

    Sorry bubba, its a definite no-no on this board.

    However, here's some generic tips for you:

    1. Use google to find more information about clear case.
    2. Try to see how it works first.
    3. Unless you are really interested in the implementation scheme (which I really doubt you are) try finding cracks on google for the same
    4. Try going to for tips on how to search. You can search and get *anything* on the web.
    5. Try cracking easier protections like: packed files and anti-debug code before moving on to the biggies. I recommend you start with Softice, IDA and winzip version 6. We'll see about bigger things later.

    And above all, read the FAQ. Its got most amazing things that you were afraid of asking.

    Have Phun,
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Thank you Aimless. I wasn't sure what to do with this, whether the post made any sense to anyone or not. If some further analysis of the protection isn't forthcoming, enough to merit it being in the Advanced RCE forum, I will move it to Off Topic or Newbies. What Aimless said was very well put, I hope the original poster understands what is expected.


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    Another option is using Search button. Like this:


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    Oh now Tom, using the Search button is way too hard.


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