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Thread: Process Patching

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    Process Patching

    For the past week or so i've been focussing on cracking a particular software application, and the method that is least intrusive to the application is to edit the third party dll's it uses to verify registration.

    I've created a chunk of assembly code and *can* patch the process directly on the disk, but this raises a problem that i can't seem to overcome. If you edit the dll, when you try to perform a certain action it brings up the 'unable to verify software version' message (it connects to a server, its a server-based application). I know that its only because ive patched it on disk that is causing the problem, as if i don't connect to the server the patch runs fine in local mode. It sends a CRC and i don't particularly want to edit more than i have to, and optimally i want to be able to patch and revert on-the-fly.

    Basically, i need to be able to patch the process after its already started running. I've searched the forum and google/yahoo, and come up with nothing. In particular i was looking for an application similar to the generic patchers, only it patched an already running process.

    ie. You compare original and modified files to create a patch, then the patch can be executed and not affect the hard-copy of the file at all.

    I saw something on a forum a while back, but im not sure if it went as far as to discuss how it would work to patch dll files in memory, which is my main goal (connect to the server, then patch, i know for certain the check is only on login).

    Does anybody know of a tool that can do this, or a tutorial/sample source code for a patcher or for just plain patching of this type?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check out the Win32API commands CreateProcess/OpenProcess and WriteProcessMemory (and possibly also SuspendThread/ResumeThread if you want to be really fancy ), that should be enough to get you started.

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    Use the DzA Patcher:
    LibX // RETeam

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