Considering the past problem we have with the unacceptable messageboard dos of the last weeks, all the problems was due to the isp that disabled our messageboard without warning anyone, just because it took too much cpu time.
So I changed the database system to mySql and woodmann accepted to find us another host, with much greater capacities :
-more bandwidth, space
-perl and c++ cgi's
So I hope that now everything will be much more stable, we are still under our test phase, so please report me or woodmann pretty fast if there is just a small problem on this messageboard.
Thanks again to all the people that helped me to build this place,
and don't hesitate to share with us your suggestions.


ps: btw,as an experiment I've introduced some more details into headers + the rating option, for example I self reated mine 5 stars at first, but I can remove this one the newbie section if I am asked to do.