two-three weeks ago gave me my friend about six programs for unpack. They were protected with HASP envelope. I did it 2-3 times before and never had any problems. But these new programs are not protected with very well known HASP envelope. I think they are protected with something new. It was not problem unpack normal HASP envelope because they have only 3 redirected API calls to thier own procedures. This new version has redirected many other calls and they are redirected to very long procedure which calculate real API address. I think its possible rebuild them manually without problems. But I don't have time (I have other things to do too ) and there is my question:

Do you know anyone some automatic way how rebuild imports for this new envelope?

Before was not problem rebuild it with ImpRec, but now many imports are not rebuilded.

I don't post any code from targets, because I think people who know answers to this problem they don't need it.

Thanks you very much,

(I am sorry for my bad English, I still learn it )