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Thread: SoftIce + XP one big, or 3 small probs..

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    All you need to do is cut and paste all your posts and some
    extra explanation will probably yield a good work concerning
    XP and SI. If you go through and add some other words from
    authors who have written about XP and SI, you will have the most
    complete works to date.
    (of course you will ask authors for permission


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    Quite good idea..

    yes, that would be something in fact, i have found quite many fragmented data concerning different problems.. i'll think about it, and post link here if i manage to make something..

    hey, i think it is not a so idea to ask compuware for permission?
    [ for JMI below - ok, that was another failed joke :P ]
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    I believe Woodmann was referring to acknowledging the contributions of others who have discussed how to fix problems with XP and SI, not seeking permission from compuware.


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    JMI has a poor sense of european humor


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    Don't worry, I'm tutoring him on that too, along with the Swedish lessons.

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    Yumpin Yimmny, Dose Svedish lessons is hard verk, you betcha.

    And maybe someone simply didn't understand "Califonia" humor expressed in the reply. The post does include, afterall, it's own " ".

    And will someone please give dELTA some history-geography lessons. Sweden has, NEVER, lowered its expectations to view itself as part of those lowly "europeans." They have a "higher" view, probably brought on by their being actually "above" most of Europe.

    Yes, I know that Finland, Sweden and Austria join the EU group in 1995. but I'm sure that the Svenskar have always viewed it as Europe actually, finally, joining them. Tachsa mycket.


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    Who said anything about being part of them, we just understand their inferior humour.

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    Well I need to fix my keyboard so it can properly do the accent marks.

    So dELTA, when can we look forward to your Tut on European humor? I hope you are going to run it by Evaluator for grammer, spelling and content.


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    subject: understanding specific homour
    crack-me's: Monty Python's films (ie. "MP's Flying Circus")
    solved when: you understand every single joke in at least one film

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    Ah! But I'm old enough to have been an adult when I watched those shows when they were aired for the first time. I also grew up in the household of a foreign born English father and had an Aunt born of British civil servants in India. (You know its frightfully hot in Deli in the Summer, and everyone that could took the train to the mountains for the summer.) I grew up with stories of Africa and India and all that, and my father never did learn how to speak "American." So, except for the "sticky bits," I believe I have a fair grasp (or is it gasp) of "British humour," and/or the lack thereof. So frightfully sorry, old bean.


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    whoa.. i didn't know i just wanted to say, i'm astonished by what those guys could do and still "get aired" ))
    btw. remember knights who say nee? or rabbit? heh..
    btw2. offtopics seem to be growin here quite well lately.. don't you think?

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