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Thread: Display Driver Problem

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    Display Driver Problem

    I have setup on my pc Compuware SoftICE Driver Suite 3.0. My operating sytem is WinXP, Display driver Intel 82845G/GL and monitor is Compaq TFT.

    Softice is starting, but after CTRL+D, there is a very image on upper left corner on the screen. How should set up video driver?

    Thx in advance
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Depending on your chipset, your card might not be compatible with XP. This particular card can be a bugger to set up. Contact the web site for the latest upgrade.
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    Try using older cards like s3. Softice likes older gfx cards

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    Sorry for asking, but what do you mean by 'very image'? I'm not native english speaker. small ? distorted? maybe just you have lines=xx/columns=yy in winice.dat set for too low values? :>

    If its not that, jump at once to, go to section support->knowledgebase or support->whitepapers and search there for 'intel'.
    there were several things about Intel cards, and if i remember well 90% of them were about simply adding dword "DoInt2DPatch"=1 value in the registry.
    that is, in the HKLM\System\Services\NTice. but check there, because there were also other values that could be set like "Int2DLocation" or "Int2DRVA" and now i don't remember for what card they were (i think for ATI Rage, but they also refer to video problems, and may work somehow ).
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