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Thread: Need help on P-Code.

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    Need help on P-Code.


    Does anybody here have knowledge in P-Code. I need help.


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    You obviously have not read the FAQ linked at the bottom of the Forums. Put "P-Code" in the search drop down menu found at the top of the Forums and you will find many threads about P-Code. Read those and then come back and ask a more specific question.


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    Quote Originally Posted by disavowed

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    I just can download P-Code Loader only... how is the next?! I do not get anything as the screenshot.

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    take JMI advice.....

    and check this -->

    tool -->

    some info ->

    Tuto --->

    now learn & enjoy

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    Learning how to search IS one of the most important functions of reverse engineering. In a folder labeled P-Code on my HD, I have a small program called JumpGen, which appears to generate a P-Code jump instruction from one addres to another. I've never used it, so I can't confirm if it works or if it will do what you want. Search for "jumpgen.exe" on the net. If you can't find it after some searching on your own, I'll attach it here.


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    Thanks to all reply

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