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Thread: HowTo Enable Text/Field Box

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    Question HowTo Enable Text/Field Box

    How i can enable the text/Field Box ???

    I wanna input the serial number, but since the program is trial they
    disableb input box and put text "Trial - Trial - Trial - Trial"

    Dialog Box Like This :

    --[Register Box]--------------------------------------
    Your Name : [ Arbitor ] <<-- this isText Box
    Serial Number : [ Trial - Trial - Trial - Trial ] <<-- this is textbox

    [Register] [Cancel] << -- this is Button

    This is under window'98 program and NOT create by VB program.
    i wanna Enable that Text Box, so i can input the serial number,
    i already have the serial number (from DeluxeSerial Site).

    I am using Win32Dasm and already found the Dialog Box (StringRef), but dunno how-to enable that text box.

    Thank's and sorry if my english is bad
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi Arbitor.
    Probably the program disables the editbox at runtime whether the program is not registered. You have to try to find the point of the code where this operation is done. Try to set a breakpoint on these functions:
    EnableWindow: disables a control
    SetDlgItemText: sets the text of a control, in your case it (probably) sets the text "Trial - Trial ..."

    Start with this simple method and tell us what will happen.


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    a different way that will help you is to send the dialogbox (the window where
    you want to enable sthg) messages via sendmessage/postmessage w32 api
    with that you can enable, resize, blablabla everything with your buttons /

    but: therefor you need window handles. use ollydbg (FREE and cool! to
    enumerate the window list of your proggy at runtime. incl handles.


    greetz, da 0xf0001
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Don Wooma also very likes DeluxeSerial site ~:0
    & he vary likes to help people for better input serialz;)

    In According:
    Now, there are also tools, so then can enable disabled things.
    (for example: Customiser)
    But if your prog is Delpi-prog, visually enabled control will
    n0t work anyway..(incl. sendmessage/postmessage)..


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    Quote Originally Posted by evaluator
    Now, there are also tools, so then can enable disabled things.
    (for example: Customiser)
    i love how the customiser is 5 years old and still incredibly useful. not too many tools like that

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    The get/set text feature of Customiser doesn't work well anymore though, but for that you can use SnadBoy's tool instead.

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    As Above

    You may also try to:

    1. Get a resource editor (find many of and try to enable the same.

    2. You may try to trap the windows messages that are sent to that control. Try using Microsoft Spy++ or Borland Winsight

    3. Find out the code that actually disables the same. A good thing to do is BPX on Createwindowexa in softice with condition that it breaks on the creation of the textbox window (yes, EVERYTHING in windows is a window )
    From there on, trace the necessary. You may even find that the window attributes that you can manipulate to your approval.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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