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Thread: Windows NT IDA scripts

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    Windows NT IDA scripts

    These IDC files are likely of interest to those trying to map out their own NTOSKRNL. Perhaps [Yates] can find a home for them for us in his collection

    Windows NT Status Codes
    Windows NT Bug Codes
    Windows NT IRQ Levels (IRQL)
    MSVC Exception Record
    Definition of EPROCESS
    Definition of ETHREAD

    other NT articles of interest:
    NT4.H (Revision 005)
    Flushing VDM memory
    Enumerating Pseudo-FS objects (mailslots, pipes, etc)


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    oh cool, these are of great interest to me , i'll also take in these
    files, feed and clothe them, im sure they will have a happy
    life on my site.


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    Excellent. I also have some add-ons. Be prepared to check them out from wasm. Thanks, Kayaker - you are as informative as usual

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    updated ntstatus

    here's an updated ntstatus.idc that I created from the xp sp1 ddk. it contains around 350 more lines/definitions

    the parsing code was under 30 lines of C.


    "Sorry, your attachment could not be accepted because your administrator's attachment quota would be exceeded by 17124364 bytes. He/She has been notified of this."

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    Thanks for the updated script doug. I'm not sure what the attachment problem is, the current size limit is set at 1,048,576 bytes, so from the error message you got you must have been trying to upload an 18MB file?

    Lol, OK we'll assume not, so there must be some other problem. The board has just been updated to VBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 7 (cheers and/or jeers to Woodmann/JMI), so there *may* be some problem with the attachments. We can run a few tests and bugcheck on that.

    Cheers to all,

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    the mention about "administrator's" quota... or is that just a generic error message..

    anyone able to attach file(s)?

    this file is a 13kb .zip

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    Quote Originally Posted by doug
    anyone able to attach file(s)?
    No attachments of any size seem possible right now, things look OK on the surface though so there's a buggy floating around somewhere... hang in there.

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    attachments are fixed, so here's the file.

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