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Thread: stripper v2.01 (public release)

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    stripper v2.01 (public release)

    i've just detected the new version of (aspr)stripper on the net.

    some infos:

    stripper 2.01 - unpacker for some packers/protectors.

    * features:

    - unpacking asprotected`ed programs (exe, dll, ocx);
    - unpacking aspacked`ed programs (exe, dll, ocx);
    - rebuilding resources section;
    - cleaning up the victim program (deleting aspr sections);
    - doing some researching of packed program;

    * requirements:

    - stripper works only under 2k and XP, also you must have
    administrator's rights;
    - there will be no win9x version;
    - SoftIce with "i3here on" for using reversing tool and loader;
    get it at:
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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