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Thread: Api Spy & Api Mon Terminate Process

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    Api Spy & Api Mon Terminate Process

    When I try to monitor the process with either of these programs the process terminates as if it is detecting that it is being watched.

    Is this common, or am I just not using them correctly?

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    API Mon seems to be working ok now, it was displaying too much information so it must of crashed.

    I am getting information overload with API Mon though, even when I filter it down to just one process, and just one type of API-type i.e "File I/O", I am still getting what seems to be an infinitesimal amount of information. There is no way I can make sense of 1000s of APIs listed every second.
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    There are usually filters in this type of programs, to let you remove any irrelevant items from the log list.

    And yes, many programs/protections do actively check if they are being spied on. Some detect if certain other software products are running (like regmon, filemon, softice and so on) and some use more generic techniques.


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