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    For those familiar with , this may be of interest.
    This is just a little bit different of a reversing project than you may be used to.

    After about 2 days, here are the results of my experiment. has a media player that only lets you skip songs 5 times, and it plays ads at certain intervals. I wanted to hack the player to form a local html file that sets up the player to play how >> I << want it to work. I've managed to succeed quite well so far.

    I've removed both of the above limitations and set up a local player. I also removed the malfunctioning "player display", now it just displays the album cover art and the song's title. (Cool - I just changed the javascript to parse the XML coming back to strip out only what I wanted). It also gives me a nice skip button under the player. Some of the webpages still reference the original site (like for song playlists, etc). but most of the java code is now local.

    This is set up to play the dance station and Launch, AND you will have to input your own username and userID. If you browse the the "title.html" code you will find the spots to change these. Actually, you don't even need a valid username, and the userID doesn't need to be valid unless you are trying to get accurate song info. The SongInfo code could not be changed and yet still work, since it's dynamic code - it comes from an ASP server on's end. But the javascript code locally does an XML transform on this code before displaying it, and this is where we can interject and modify it. In this case I only display the album art and song title and artist. This removes all the graphics and other javascript , which become broken anyway, because I'm loading most of the site from my hard drive.

    One thing you will notice looking thru the code in title.html is that the website tracks everthing you listen to. I haven't gotten to removing this "feature" yet - although I did remove some of the tracking code.

    Your mission is to try hacking this code to play the genre you are interested in, or you could just ignore this post

    The player is in "title.html" and the info is still gotten from the main website, except I modify the data before it gets sent to the songinfo window frame. The bulk of javascript is pretty much in title.html. In fact, I don't think any of the javascripts I've included are used, but they are there anyway - I was experimenting on how far I could go in rebuilding a local functioning version.

    The nice thing is the title.html java code will now be local, and you can modify it to your liking, removing tracking, and skip restrictions, and ads (LOL it actually checks if an ad is playing - so I modded the code that if it sees and ad is playing, it simply calls doSkip() LOL ), and you name it.

    Player.html is the main file that you want to open in your browser.

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