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Thread: Thoughts Required

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    Thoughts Required

    I have a program that uses a program to authorise it.

    The program is written in Visual Basic 6.0 (PEiD)

    Looking around and searching have found no info on decompiling VB6.0 although there was some discussion about this early on.

    Anyone has seen recent stuff regarding decompiling VB6.0 programs

    Otherwise what is my best method of attack.

    Info I know so far.

    Program can transfer license to and from diskette.
    Program uses a .dat file to store license Information
    It has a Computer ID code and also a Code Entry Number (dependent on License Info)
    and will accept a authorisation code.

    What I am looking for is ways to attack it I have trapped it on getDLGitm but this seems to go around and around in User32.

    At no time do I see my serial number in memory.


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    Tried SmartCheck by Numega? Used to work quite well on VB Progs.

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    Try with EXP MSVBVM60!

    Begin with bpm __vbaStrCat x and see what you can get

    EXP MSVBVM60!__vba*
    will give you more

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    SmartCheck, Sice, ...and the good old w32dasm if you need some string refs.


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    Will grab Smartcheck now.

    I gone a bit further now and found the routine called from inside the program for good/bad guy BUT

    Is there a API guide for all the function declared in the MSX6.0.DLL file. I need something that says _VBALateIDCall is...........................

    Any thoughts.

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