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Thread: KeyGenning Internet Download Manager v3.12

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    KeyGenning Internet Download Manager v3.12


    i tried to write a keygen for it but i stuck !

    A valid serial looks like that:


    the x have to be 0-9 or A-Z, nothing else is allowed.

    There are four calculations for the concerning parts. I'm working on Win2k.

    I used following data:

    First Name: Major
    Last Name: Natano
    Serial: 12345-67890-ABCDE-FGHIJ

    to debug in sice.

    It seems to me that the F Name L Name & E-Mail is not necessary for the serial calculation. The Serial is compared to a table in the proggy which can be found at [EAX+004B2F74].

    1.Part calculation.(XXXXX-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)

    0043081E -> First Char of Serial in DL
    0043082C -> Compare Char with the table and count the place it stands.

    2. Part calculation.(xxxxx-XXXXX-xxxxx-xxxxx)

    0043085C -> First Char of Serial in DL
    0043086C -> Compare Char with the table and count the place it stands.

    3. Part calculation.(xxxxx-xxxxx-XXXXX-xxxxx)

    0043089B -> First Char of Serial in DL
    004308A9 -> Compare Char with the table and count the place it stands.

    4. Part calculation.(xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-XXXXX)

    004308D3 -> First Char of Serial in DL
    004308E1 -> Compare Char with the table and count the place it stands.

    after the calculation of the parts i have 4 values which are use for next calculation.


    This "seeds" have to be divided by some consts. Every "Seed" with a different const.

    So there's the point i stuck really hard ;(
    I don't know what happen then. I've someone can help i would be great

    THX in advance,

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    Hi OHPen,

    You are on the right road, the only thing you need to do is to understand the reason the final divisions are done for. After each division, the program checks for the rest of the division. Why? If you will answer to this question, you will solve the entire problem. After that, to find a working serial is easy.

    However, there is something strange in this program. The messagebox is showed also when you have finded a valid serial. I have not tested if the new features are enabled but I can see my details in the "about" dialog. It may be only a bug, I don't know.
    Maybe it needs a deeper look.


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    THX for your Reply

    I realized that what you say too
    First time i reversed the app i try to enter a valid Serial( It really a valid Serial) and the Failed-Box appeared. That's why i thought i don't understand the algo

    But i you are right maybe it's a bug in the prog. Maybe not, i will check this.


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    It's a sort of "protection". Screwing with a crackers mind... I have read about this somewhere else... Or, I am wrong... But I have read about it on some other "target". Think it was even explained by the author, that time...


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    At this point it seems to me that the progy isn't regable ;(

    I created a valid serial, passed all checks and the programm exits. After restarting a Nag appears and the app is already unreged. During the registration my serial is written to the registry. Everythings looks like a standart registration procedure but there is something strange.

    I looked around and saw that no one was able to write a keygen in the past. For all former version are only patch availible. That is very strange. Maybe there is no way to create a valid serial for this app, i don't know atm.

    I tried it with this one:


    For all parts the rest of the division is null, like it is on a "real" Serial. But it doesn't run.

    It would be great if some people take a took on this app in order to find out what's this strange Protection about.

    Greetz OHPen

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    Have you checked to see if there's an aditional regcheck-routine, special when you start program?

    Smarter programmers will have additional restriction-checks on the serial at other places. So's lazy cracking won't be rewarded. (NOT aimed at you.)

    Have you traced it from when it grabs the serial in the registry and looked if it's another routine? or if it does something else with it anyway...?

    Still it might well be that the regroutine is there but not really "connected"... (used)


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    Have you checked the keygen from PGC?

    I guess this baby has fake serials to fool crackers, and also has real serials.
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    from PGC release nfo:

    we have found a hidden check.
    This happens when you reboot your
    computer after registering with our
    keygen. IDM "phones home" and compares
    a value in the registry with a value
    from "home". If that value is not
    there than a message box will appear
    stating that the "Registration Code isInvalid".
    Which means registered customers
    register thier product with a
    "register.exe" type program. This
    program usually generates thier serial
    number, and sometimes places things in
    the registry or file.
    Well, IDM takes advantage of this and
    uses it to make sure the program is
    not JUST registered with a
    registration code, because that means
    they never had the "register.exe",
    hence. a stolen registration code.
    i think that more talking about this application will might turn into a crack request.
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    Okay i see,

    only a patch is the write way to do that bitch



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