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Thread: String references in Olly ?

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    Ok so I went into the CALL and didn't find a RET so I went into a deeper CALL and then I found a RET.


    *Code removed*
    Then into the call at *Code removed*

    *Code removed*
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    yes, I think you need to learn a bit more assembler. Try getting some guides to Intel assembler and possibly download MASM32 to experiment.

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    So basically what I was trying to do isn't actually possible?

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    Yes, it's certainly possible. However, at the current rate it will take us about 5 years to explain how to do what you are requesting.

    You don't seem to be contributing much at all and you seem to expect us to do the bulk of the work for you. For example, you are posting huge chunks of code and saying "What do I do with this?", when really you should be reading through the code yourself and trying to find out what the code is doing. Even when we drop huge hints as to what to look for, you simply post another chunk of code instead of investigating yourself.

    Therefore, I suggest you pick something a little simpler, and learn Intel assembler before trying to do this target. Once you have learned Intel assembler, may I suggest a few CrackMe's to test your newly learned skill before trying to hack a "live" target ?

    Originally posted by Aquatic
    So basically what I was trying to do isn't actually possible?

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    Ok, I'll go learn some more tutorials and stuff.

    Also, I am gonna remove all the code from my posts just for personal reasons.

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    W32dasm strings

    Ok guys, another newbie I'm afraid, its a question related to this one so here goes.

    Having a lot of probs getting Softice to co-exist with the win2000 setup I'm using, so I tend to use W32dasm (slower I know, but I do learn a lot more having to step thru etc. Heres the thing, out of the last 5 progs I have looked at dont show the strings in reference in w32dasm, eg window pops up this product blah blah, search for "this product blah blah" not shown, but of course it IS there in hexedit. Are these strings being masked somehow (false info in header) or am I as I fear being thick.

    Thanks in advance

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    More than likely the strings you are seeing are part of the resources in the program, and as such, these are not shown in w32dasm.

    Download LordPE, enter the file offset you found the text at in the FLC section, and then see where it is...

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