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Thread: linux reverse engineering

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    Lightbulb linux reverse engineering

    i just downloaded the mikrotik router for setting up a linux based router. but mikrotik router is a commercial product and requires a serial number.

    since i have never cracked a linux app before , so i decided to give it a try.

    Since the installation program is very primitive and dd's the image on hard disk. so u cannot create create partition manually.

    i have two hard disks,so i installed it one hd and used the explore2fs utility to read the partition from windows xp.

    i looked in the rc.d directory to check for startup daemaons.there was a symlink to /nova/bin/login.
    so, a quick search for "invalid id", in the folder /nova, listed the following apps:

    so i loaded them into IDA. the program unlok generates the key by using some ioctl calls. it also accese the /nova/etc/serial file. dont know for what.and if the key is correct it stores in /nova/etc/license

    so , there are two approaches, either i generate a keygen or either we patch the programs.

    so, here i need your help now. some pointer to good linux reversing site will be helpfull.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    This will not help you now, but maybe useful in the future. did you know that if a program uses DD to install itself to a partition as a full operating system, you can mount that file using the mount command by using the loop option ? I use this option for mounting cd images downloaded from the net instead of writing them out. You can then tar the files up, or extract them to a place on your fat32 file system, which makes exploring using a non-linux based os much easier.

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