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Thread: A short note to .vxd authors ...

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    A short note to .vxd authors ...

    Hi fellows ! Just a reminder here to those of you write VxD's for the Win 9x/ME OS, using the MS Win98 DDK tools : don't forget to try and set the WIN40COMPAT flag ( define it in the assembly BEFORE including the DDK definitions, or as an option on the ML.exe command line ) !

    This will ensure you target Win 95 as well as the newer versions. In case you have unknowingly made use of some 98- or ME-only function , the assembler will warn you in any case so no problem, either you revise your code if possible to avoid the offending function, or you renounce supporting 95 but at least you will know why you did !

    Too often I found on this site VxD's which could work perfectly under 95, only they would not launch because they'd been compiled with the '98 DDK not using the above mentionned definition !!! Of course it's possible to patch the binary VxD afterwards using a hex editor changing the required DDK and SDK versions to 4.0 , but hey! that's a pain in the neck and it shows the lameness of the programmer at that

    HTH !

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    I absolutly agree... it is lame if don't know that you are write VxD libraries for non W95 system... though... the question still keeps spinning to my head... are that still so many win95 users around?

    if so, pls ignore this msg, I don't want to offend btw in any way, I'm just curious.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I am sure there are still some who use win 95 but,
    The 98DDK will be replaced and people will stop writing for
    98 just like 95 and 3.11.

    Then what ? (I'm just asking)

    Later, Woodmann

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