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Thread: Tiny tool for S-ICE\Win9x released

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    Smile Tiny tool for S-ICE\Win9x released

    I almost forgot ... Here's FWIW the tiny tool I recently wrote for myself : it's a DOS .com file weighing a couple dozen useful bytes
    (no typo! Not megabytes or even kilobytes )

    Goal : update the BIOS/DOS/Win system time with the real time clock's time in cases the former lost sync, which may happen if interrupts have been disable over a period, such as when popping-up S-ICE.

    Install : copy the executable to any folder ( where you put your misc executables, or maybe to the Softice folder ), then make a shortcut (hint: drag and drop com file to the desktop and/or to a folder under the start menu). Rename shortcut to a descriptive name such as "Reset the Clock", set its properties to run minimized.

    Usage: when needed, just double click the shortcut you made in "install" step, and presto... windows clock updates;

    Source: None. I wrote the thingie in 5 minutes with pencil,paper, and "debug.exe" : should you want to get to the Setclock "source", you just "debug" - No need even to have Wind*ws loaded !

    HTH ! 2 last notes :
    1. The program will work on a 286 (but SICE-W won't No need for a Pentium (TM) here..;
    2. The attachment is the actual, non compressed , com file. Zipping it would have increased its size in effect !
    Remove the bogus .txt extension before using !
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    Thanks Czerno ..

    This'll come in handy so good thinking

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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