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Thread: Generic ways to find OEP

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    Question help me please

    hi guys

    is there a generic way to finde the OEP of packed softwares ??

    please answer me
    even if u have stupid idea

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    pack notepad

    The easiest way is to get the packer/protector and use it on notepad.exe

    then BPMB CS:Notepad_OEiP X

    and the last packers code execution address is shown in the log window. U that and you see the 'signature bytes'. Usually a POPAD or POPFD with a ret or JMP OEIP.......

    Then you find the same sequence in memory for your target.

    (dont use G Notepad_OEiP, does not show the last execution)
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    Sorry SplAj, but i cant seem to use your trick... condemn me if i am wrong but the log window you refered to the command window as well where we typed our command? i tried bpm OEP on a few program but it doesnt show instruction address of the previous instruction...

    I am win2k SP3 with DS 2.6? No icedump loaded... what is wrong?


    P.S : Kayaker, yep this is the thread i was thinking as missing, cos i thought i just saw it for a while, then i went to do something else then come back there were quite a few new threads that move on top and i thought the thread was delete... lesson learnt, should have always scrolled down!!! Sorry about that :>... thanks kayaker.

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    thanx body

    i tried this command but it does not work
    can u explain more in details , it would be better if tell one target
    u already unpacked it with this way and how u found the OEP
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi Crus:

    Sure it does. Take a look at the log window. For ex. I tried bpmb ShowWindow x and when softice breaks, see in the low window something like this:

    Breakd due to BPMB:ShowWindow DR3
    MSR LastBreakFromIp = XXXXXXX
    MSR LastBreakToIp = XXXXXXXX

    It is the FromIP that is of interest BTW, how did you think, I found all those OEiP Sigs for OEPFinder

    -- FoxThree
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    what version of sice are you guys running? Is there any special setting for sice? I have tried various ways of bpm or bpmb for that matter... the only thing that appears on my log window is
    Breakd due to BPMB:ShowWindow DR3

    Yep, only ONE line above!!! Nothing else??? What is your config FoxThree?


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    Hi crUsAdEr,
    Most probably you are using old softice.Try newer versions bpmb showwindow x

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    I do get the same result as crusader. I'm using the latest Softice (2.4.7). Is there any special settings that needs to be set?


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    on DS4.2.7 (build 562), W2K, SP3.
    Not working- Sice 4.0.5, W98.
    Configuration files are installation default.

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    Hi All,
    I'm using win98.Not sure of Winme or win2k.My sice is ds 2.6


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    You, guys, failed to read FUQ..

    What processors you have?!....

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    >You, guys, failed to read FUQ..
    >What processors you have?!....


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