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Thread: DakienDX --> Patching SHELL32.dll ???

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    DakienDX --> Patching SHELL32.dll ???

    Hiya Dakien,

    Your allusion to kernel patching in another post peaked my curiosity...

    I've patched SHELL32.dll, the AutoRun.Inf part, so the AutoRun function is completely disabled, Windows doesn't even try to open the file, so the drive doesn't spin up to high speed when I open the explorer, but don't access the CD.
    If you could provide some details for this particular patch, I'd be most grateful From the sound of it, it looks like you may have found a way to fix one of my "pet peeves" with Win2k. Ever since I installed Win2k, I noticed that it had this annoying habit of freezing up "My Computer" or "Explorer" for 10-30 seconds whenever I insert a CD. I presumed this was related to the autorun functionality and attempted to modify a couple of keys in the registry for both disabling autorun and supressing the autoinsert notification message. It never really fixed the problem and I never dug any deeper into this annoyance. If your patch addresses this problem, I'd love to get some details so maybe I can fix it once and for all.


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    A lot of times what you find when disassembling shell32 and applying symbols is that there is a registry key to disable so no patch is necessary. This is always of course the preferable way I mean thats what the registry is for . There are the few settings that are undisableable without a patch but not many.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hello Clandestiny !

    The patch is for Win98. I quickly checked a SHELL32.DLL from Win2K, but I couldn't find it in there.

    You could fire up SoftICE and set a try to break on GetFileAttributesW. In Win98 I had PathIsUNCServerA and PathIsUNCSeverShareA before the call. I've checked the "W" variants, but I couldn't find any import looking for file attributes near.

    If you find something like this, you should be in a call. Trace out of the call and Nop out the call as well as the following jump.

    Sorry, but I can't tell any more at the moment since I've no Win2k to check it, so this is just a guess how it could work on Win2k.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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