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    softice help


    Trying to find a codes but cant`t find them ( for the program which i try to crack). There are lot of articles how to crack programs.
    But cause im not a cracker much less know about assembly language it become a hard job
    to crack. And even understand softice that allmost too much for me.
    But i try nevertheless (cause im little bit intresting to crack). Thats explanation for a stupid questions. So when i load a program to a symbol loader and then before i push
    registration buttom i go to softice and set pbx getwindowtexta.
    Then back to program and accept own registration codes. Softice pop up and then start searching. Many tutor give a advice to press F10 a few times and then some places D something (exampl. d eax). How do i know places where i type D ... and is it possible to see codes (if place is right) in understandable form. So if i search through codes and type D.. when i think about there might be a codes. Is that anything sense?
    (sorry bad english).


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi peter.

    reading tutorials is always interesting and very helpful but attention!
    when you are reading a tutorial, especially when you are a beginner, the most important thing to do is answer to several questions:
    - why he's doing this thing?
    - why he's using this particular command?
    - which thing makes this particular command?
    if you follow tutorials like an *automa*, you'll never increase your knowledge...

    the F10 command is used to step through the code (and you should know that); it's useful because it's the only way from which you can understand (or try to understand...) what the proggie is doing in his name/serial routine protection (or elsewhere...).
    for the 'd' command, there isn't a specific time to be used. you decide when it's the rigth time to use it.
    personally i use it very often especially when i'm approaching a new target.

    the best thing to make is to use both comnands in order to try to give a sense to the code you are stepping; obviously a little bit of assembly knowledge is needed (instructions are always the same)

    use your brain and your finger will press F10, 'd ...'and many other commands at the right time

    these are only few words and i don't know if is what you are looking for but i hope it helps a little bit...
    good luck!


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    thanks ZaiRon

    Thanks for advice. Im thinking about is there any sense to trace those codes. All my trouble begun when i installed 30 days working proggie. It left some mark into my computer. And because i dont find it i thought i need then registration codes. Maybe its possible to find that mark in the register which that proggie left ( there might be other marks also). When i only find good proggie to sniff to register and also chance there dates. I try Active Registry Monitor. That shows a install date, but dont give fix it. Maybe that solve problem if i can chance a install day. I think it would be easy than using softice.


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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