Alo everybody

I have use relative jmp in .code/.text sections to jump to my own code and it works just fine.

Now I have a problem there is not enough space in .code section so I have to jump to the last section -> .rsrc section.

example I want make a far jump with absolute adresse

from .text:01002A8A
to .rsrc:01012948

Went I use IDA to make the jump to the destination the hexcode will be: EA 48 29 01 01 03 00 ->

segment= 0003
offset= 01012948

When I run the program in ollydbg and set a breakpoint on .text:01002A8A and press F7 (step into) it says: access violation when reading [FFFFFFFF].

What am I doing wrong? and how do IDA know that rsrc segment=0003?

Please guide me...Thx