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Thread: WinXP: SoftICE breakpoints dont work?

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    WinXP: SoftICE breakpoints dont work?

    hi guys.

    i have Windows XP as OS and softice from the DriverStudio 2.6.
    (Windows XP compatible).

    SI work fine. but when i set a bpx GetDlgItemTextA, softice dont popup ?

    example: i have read a tutorial to sniff a serial for macromedia flash 4. i have confi. the winice.dat.
    ok: i must start flash4. then click on "Buy Now" and go to the screen for the serial number. i must tipp a 10 digit number. THEN CTRL+D to go in SI, and now set the brakepoint "bpx GetDlgItemTextA". Now i must leave SI (F5) and press the OK button from flash. Normaly SI must now popup, but dont work! (

    anyone know what is the problem?

    2. the bpx hmemcpy dont work !? why?
    i have cracked in 1998 an win95/98 system, with SI fpr win9x, the bpx hmemcpy have worked.

    now i have (read up) WinXP and the softice from driverstudio.
    can me anyone please help with this 2 problems, so that i can cracking on this machine? :-)

    Big THX and BIG sorry for my very bad english :--))
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    The Problem Is


    The problem is that you jumped right in for a first post without reading the posting guidelines that are highlighted in red on the first page of this forum. If you had taken the time to do that, as instructed, you would have used the "search" button with a question such as "softice +breakpoints+WinXP" and you would have found that your question has been asked many times before and what answers there are, have already been given many times.

    The short answer to your question is that DriverStudio 2.6 simply doesn't work consistently on WinXP. Many people report that their breakpoints don't work correctly and some that they don't work at all. Read the prior questions and answers and then comeback with something new. There appears to be no real solution until Numega fixes the probram and someone releases it on the net or you buy a real copy of the newer versions.

    Also, if you did a search of "hmemcpy+WinXP" you would have found that this was a patch left over from dos which was never included in WinNT, which is the basis for WinXP. Therefore it simply doesn't exist in WinNT, Win2k, or WinXP. You will have to actually learn about the API's and find another call that gets you close to what you want. This has also been discussed many times and the "search" button should get what you need, if softice actually worked well on WinXP.

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