This next project, I will be doing in a similar style as the CacheX project: Basically, there is already a keygen (by Ivanopolus of DAMN) for GetDataBack for FAT, but none for the NTFS version. They are both at the 2.x revision releases.

So I will be ripping apart GetDataBack for FAT, and the keygen, to understand the cryptography involved and see how it was done, then look at the NTFS version and try to keygen based on the knowledge obtained from the FAT version and keygen analysis.

There's no other info in the NFO file as to how it was cracked. I picked this target because a) want to learn a different crypto system b) small bit-count (any relevence?) c) keygen exists for "sister" software, like with CacheX.

Based on other info, I think a weak prime number generator might have been involved, but we'll see.