Hey there,

after a short review around latest sentinellm sdks, I can tell than nothing seem new at all

Except that most of function name are randomized ( 7.2.0 )

Locating the GetVendorCode function, is still easy as stated in an essay ( "%s error: Illegal vendor identification." )

Here I didn't notice any antidebug trick around what I looked at

also, either installer serial scheme and watermark scheme are still same...
even the compromised serial published in an essay isn't blacklisted

The best for the end, a 7.1.0 sdk can still generate valid 7.2.0 licenses

then nothing new around what do we need to know!

PS: 7.1.1, 7.2.0 sigs, and also lsapiw32.dll nms files are available on request, have fun!

Sorry for my frenglish , cya for now