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    With 1 Hour to go for the v6.0 Launch of Crapkey I would have thought the SDK would have been available somewhere.

    Note to all : If you see the SDK or find something protected with V6.0 of crapkey let me know via PM. Would be interested to see what they have actually done with the new system.

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    You're dreaming... After those 15 hours are up they'll add on another 30 Days. Typically retard software releasing practices by our friends at Crypkey.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Clone buster

    I read on their site now that one of the new features were their "patent pending clonebuster" technology. Essentially it's using the harddrive serial, model number and firmware data instead of relying on the partition serial which many others do. I just wonder if it's a great enough invention to patent it?

    I assume it's lowlevel stuff which could require a device driver which again would force users to run as administrator to run their programs. Maybe someone could give a clue on this but I seriously doubt that their method of getting the real HD serial is anything big.

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