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    i get to launch shame on me but i'm interested whats a 'reference' winice.dat,common good cr*ckers use?

    can anyone post his winice.dat here?
    hope not to watch total loosy but that can bring me some usefull things.


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    Seek and ye shall find.

    Even a little searching with google would reveal many sources for basic formats for winice.dat and discussions in almost any language you could care to use. Here is a source from the cRACKER's nOTEs:'s%20crack%20notes/p02_2.html

    Seem to recall someone posted one here not too long ago. Did you by any chance try the "search" botton before posting? There is another good basic article titled "Mammon_'s Tales to his Grandson, Mankind comes into the Ice Age" "Configuring the Environment " that you should look at. It's contained in the articles on the Fravia Board.

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    yep i know and do search but my interest was to check how's winice.dat from famous rev engineer here.

    if it seem realy dumb delete the topic


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