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Thread: need help with resource tuner 1.7(PLEASE)

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    need help with resource tuner 1.7(PLEASE)


    i got this program i have been trying to crack for a long time but with no luck... its a 30 days trial and i cracked the 30 days trial and the licence stuff i can also open files now but after i do open them i cant save them so can be because of my shitty crack (changed to many bytes i think... and one of them probably has a connection to the save function...) i really dont know what to do from where i am i attached the crack to this post and here is the link where u guys can get the program:

    (url deleted)

    one big mistake i did isnt writing why i patched in those places... u can also not use my crack and try to crack it from the original file...

    all those who have problems with packed files this one isnt packed with any packer or crypter i know so thats not a problem... and its programmed in Delphi...

    10x in advanced Jon (Please i really desperait with this one dont know what to do from here... and i really like using it dont want to lose it thebest resource editor i know better the borland resouce workshop and all those...)

    PS. since the crack size is larger than 104857 bytes all do it in segements so no need to check the next reply(ies)

    im really sorry i dont have a place to upload the file but any1 who wants to see it just reply and ill email u until ill find a place to upload it too 10x jon
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    I don't know what to do with this one, other than I removed the direct URL links...

    Jon, whatever you do, DON'T post your crack here or it's gone.

    I think if you're good enough to make a time trial and license crack, then you're good enough to improve on your own crack and you don't need somebody else to do it for you.

    If you've got a problem with Save disabled try a search on this board for "disabled menu", you may be surprised with what you find.


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    what i meant is that the save option isnt disabled u can click it but nothing happens like i was the one who nopped or something and i really dont know what to do from here and i heard u guys are the best so i really hope u can help me

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    Try using softice to track the messages. You want to intercept the WM_COMMAND messages & if you look thrrough the program resources you should find the menu's & their ID's - get softice to check the params to see if it's the save (or save as) ID & only to break if it is...then debug it.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    well i looked through the program resources but nothing there i know what u mean but it doesnt work that was with Delphi only in VC and VB(not sure about VB) i tried looking in which form the command is loacted but no luck there either ill try using what u told me to do in softice i hope it will work 10x

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    Try getting DeDe from:

    It will show you the procedure attached to the save button.

    1. As soon as you pinpoint via DeDe, check the addresses in the file. Did you include any of these in your patch?

    2. If no, then you can very well carry on disassembling (w32dasm or IDA, you choose). Either way, make sure you create the MAP files.

    3. If you have indeed modified the area, unmodify it and run. Chances are, if it does not run or 30 day nag snaps again, the save routine is mixed with the nag routine (check out some tuts about code mingling - from the red must-reads)

    4. You may, unfortunately, have to reverse engineer the routine enough to determine what works and what doesn't

    A better way is to use your debugger as a profiler. This is because if it is indeed written in Delphi, then you will have innumerable subs_ and locs_ in IDA (say). And you would not want to waste time on looking at useless code. You may try traceover/traceinto features of Ollydbg 1.0.6,. They're nice. Or use whatever debugger you fancy.

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    well i used DeDe, IDA and softice and i found 3 addresses and apprantly crackers programmed this software and it damn too hard it has Patching check, CRC checking and it rebuilds it self every time on the memory... i dont think ill ever made a full crack of that but at least i found a temp way to keep it running after the 30 days i finished just chaning few files in windows dir deleteing few keys from the registry and back to 30 days...

    10x anyway guys i really appreciate your help

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