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Thread: Menu resource ??

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    Menu resource ??


    Yep it is me burning my nite off again, been struggling with menu resources.. does anyone have good reference on structures of each type of resources in the resource section? I know the IMAGE_RESOURCE_DATA_DIRECTORY struc but i need to know about the struc of IMAGE_RESOURCE_DATA_ENTRY....

    Okie, just one qucik question, for my menu resource Data entry,
    Right at the beginning, the are 3 words like this
    followed by Menu Item ID, Unicode string of Menu Items etc

    I have checked a few file and find the 3rd words to be either 9000 or 1000.. any one have any idea what they mean?


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    Hi binh81,

    9000 means that it's the last (Or only ) menu item + sub menu items (If any, but probably atleast one ).
    The last Sub Menu Item will have a flag of 8000.
    Now if you would see 1000 for the Menu Item then that means that there's another Menu Item
    Hope this helps a bit.


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    To quote +SplAj .... "I love this board" :>..........

    Thanx a bunch, CodeInside... got it now :>...

    See ya around

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