Hi, as almost anyone knows, i want to run revirgin (and imprec) in windows 95.
I've discovered that revirgin dont works on win95 even with a NON-packed file, so i start trying to "rebuild" a common and non-packed exe.
Revirgin (and imprec) have problems in rebuilding imports from kernel32.dll, so i make the next trick:

1- copy the original kernel32.dll into kernel33.dll (keep kernel32.dll of course).
2- then go to the exe's import table and substitute kernel32.dll to kernel33.dll. Now the exe imports functions from kernel33.dll. But there is a problem: when the OS try to 'LoadLibrary' kernel33.dll it says that isn't relocatable so those dont works), so
3- change the imagebase of kernel33.dll from BFF70000 to 1ff70000.

Well the good news is: Revirgin works perfectly in win95. and resolve all kernel32.dll (yes from kernel32.dll, not kernel33.dll), i've rebuild the import table and the exe works perfectly.

Maybe tshep knows why this is happening and maybe there is some other trick to make it work well. I want to help to make a win 95 revirgin/imprec.