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Thread: Aargh! Can we PM some of these RV/Asprotect threads?

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    Exclamation Aargh! Can we PM some of these RV/Asprotect threads?

    Hi guys,

    This whole RV/Asprotect Double Dipper feature discussion is all fun and games and stuff, but do you think we could minimize some of the "Hey I found the OEP on the latest AdvancedCommviewOrgasmizer v.1.3betaadnauseum from and here's my IAT.bin" threads?

    If there's really only a handful of people who care about the niggling details of each and every new version/implementation of Asprotect out there, maybe they can keep all but the most interesting, new and innovative ideas to PM (Personal Messages) or private email.

    Don't get the wrong idea, but I'd just hate to see other interesting topics getting buried in the onslaught of de-asprotecting every variation out there, and people losing interest in the forum as a result.


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    Methinks perhaps we need a chatroom?(I hate that word)
    Ummmmmm interactive meeting room?

    Peace, Woodmann

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    Yeah, kayaker

    We have been slightly obssesive with AsProtect :>... maybe you could start a nice new project in the Project Forum :>.. that would be really interesting... i missed your messing with Import Table project and would love to see some other project soming up :>


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    I want say few things:
    1. "this" happens in "Newbies Forum". Here happens (& will..) meny other terrible things..
    2. ASsPrack main lover is SPLAJ! Ask him: ) "Why you trash time on thiz packer?"

    3. Hey, moderator(!), move this thread to OFF TOPIC

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    It's nothing to do with being obsessive binh81, it's not a big deal and I enjoy watching people having fun with something. I'd like to do another project, but I'll actually be away until mid-April and won't have any time until then.

    Evaluator, I'm not trashing on Asprotect discussions. I find the protection as interesting as anyone and have spent many, many, many hours exploring the code and rebuilding dumped apps.

    To be honest, my main concern isn't that there's too much Asprotect talk, I don't really care and I don't consider it 'polluting' the board. I'm a little more concerned with certain specific details about specific apps. Providing OEP's and copy 'n paste IAT dumps makes it too easy for someone to come up with an easy crack for a shareware target. Just hang around the board and get the latest updates on the latest versions kind of thing if you know what I mean, without actually having to learn how to do it entirely yourself.

    If we're discussing techniques, analysis of a protection routine, weaknesses of said protection, that's one thing. The reason I posted was because I was concerned that we might be starting to give too much away about specific shareware targets without realizing it. If this place starts to smell too much like a crack site then I'm going to speak up, off topic or not.

    I'm happy to hear other peoples opinions.


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    I have to agree about things getting too specific, not regarding ASProtect, but particular things wrapped with ASPR.

    I should know as this time last year I was spending way too much of my life taking ASPR apart, and SV was the person who set me on the right track.

    Rather than discussing particular implementations, why don't we have a look at how the double (triple & quad) dipping is set up in aspr in the 1st place.

    Does it carry out any of this behavour naturally or is it all set up by the developer, if so how as I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the aspr documentation.

    How about an analysis of the registration features, this would be more useful than unwrapping, and give Alexy a change of scene too



    And yes I am gonna head back to aspr soon as I have had a few ideas to make unwrapping aspr a little less tedious
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Thumbs up Kayaker is correct!

    Yes Kayaker:

    You're right. Probably just newbie enthu ;-). Sorry but will keep such postings to minimum.

    Thanks for putting things in the right perspective.

    -- FoxThree
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Instead of writing Tons of Stuff here,you Guys could invest some Time and write Tutorials about the Asprotected Stuff you did.
    Just some short Notes...So Beginners would have a Reference to look at, Tseph´s Whats new Page would be supported a bit more and finally those Asprotect Questions here wouldnt reach the usual Ammount anymore.

    Just an...mmhh.. Idea ;-)

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    Hello everybody !

    It's just time to add my own comment to this and unstick the thread.

    I agree with Kayaker's main wish. Not many people are interested in ASProtect, still fewer on the Newbies Forum. If you've found a new trick in ASProtect, you might discuss it private by E-Mail or by private messages.
    Nearly everybody can make dumps of the .code and .data section, but only few can rebuild working import tables, so this information can be used very easy by "commercial" crackers just comming around to download working IAT's for the latest software.

    Woodmann's idea with a "interactive meeting room" will not work here. We come from all over the world and why should it be impossible for American and Russian people to discuss over protections together? Therefore we've a message board where people from all time-zones can learn.

    Kilby is also right. We should learn how to defeat a protection in general, not target specified defeating using bad implementations of the protection. How long would we, for example, have continued dumping and rebuilding SafeDisc applications, if nobody found out and made public how the encryption and the imports are handled.

    [NtSC] said also some wise words. Write tutorials. Spread knowledge.

    Do it, write tutorial, but with one limitation: No target specified tutorials, only general attacks on a protector.
    Who wants to follow a tutorial for XYZ.EXE, 123456 Bytes, 01/01/02, v1.2.3.4 beta 6c, CRC32: 12345678h ?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    4chat: don't dorget logging/archiving ... :-)
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    And i,.......... don't agree with anyone !

    SPeKK !

    agree or not to be agree, that's the question..........

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    1. About 6 months ago I posted a thread about ditching the target specific nature of tutorials, board discussions etc, etc. in general. Lets face it most morons can find an OEP and given Revirgin and UltraEdit and an it.bin to download they can probably do the required cut and paste finger movements.

    This entire process teaches erm, not a lot ;-), the guy producing the it.bin can engage in his pissing contest with Alexey for the next version and the guy downloading it can use his newly unpacked/cracked shareware in peace.....cue ad nauseam process.

    2. There is an *unhealthy* level of interest / fascination with ASProtect and Alexey's protections in general, 90% of board topics are dominated by the next change he made since you all kindly pointed out to him what you did to beat his last change, its a waste of time, a cat and mouse game, no tutorials are written, no-one learns anything.....on we go.....why do we all feel the need to do all of his work for him?, his revisions are rarely innovative since he has to ultimately confine within the limits of the system, I don't call tweaking your layers of obfuscation protection.

    So erm, I've ranted a bit, I guess what I'm saying, if the threads regarding specific targets and Alexey's programs in general could dominate our lives just a little bit less then the whole messageboard might be a little happier and interesting place ;-).

    Either that or someone write their general advices on how to find iat starting address / OEP etc, etc and then maybe the constant flow of questions might slow a little, better yet someone write a general guide to pre-requisites to unpacking, like reading some fucking PE dox or I think Predators guide for a start ;-).



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    How about a moderated sticky that covers all recent aspr stuff? This would be kind of an up-to-date tutorial everybody can add the most recent discoveries to and no app specific details have to be posted. Whenever someone creates a new thread asking for something already covered, someone just can point him to the right passage and his thread can be closed. So only 'hot' topics stay on top and can be discussed...

    P.S. Yes, I'm guilty of a useless aspr thread. But I really think aspr is worth a sticky...

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    Geez... time to move this thread to "Off Topic"

    hi CrackZ,

    Yeah we all agreed that too much have been said about AsProtect, kinda repetitive... some kind of agreement has been made here

    Hey fox3, me real busy now, since u have some time why dont you write a nice tutorial and post it here or Tsehp site (that is if he approves of it :>).. if not i will write one in 5 wks time when my exams are over....


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    He he...

    Kinda funny to see this thread still alive and kicking

    Anyways, Kayaker was right, so is CrackZ and a multitude of others. That is why off late you don't see a lot of ASPR related but a lot of dongle related stuff LOL...

    Greetz binh. I don't mind writing a tut, but what the hell has been new in ASPR for the past couple of months. Alexey (hi there) hasn't released a new version (except for some betas to registered users ermmm... I guess LOL) and most of ASPR is ripped out all over this board.

    If I find anything new in any version of ASPR, I'm sure I will

    -- FoxThree

    PS: I hope we didn't anger Alexey to release another ASPR version, sub version, sub sub version ... LOL... (Just for fun)
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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