I have used IDA Pro to disassemble an exe file with the following showing in it.

If I break into this exe in SOFTIce, scroll around to lets say the 2157 area, this is not the code that I see in SOFTIce or WDAsm

How do I get to this area of the exe in SOFTIce.


cseg01:2157 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
cseg01:2157 loc_0_2157: ; CODE XREF: sub_0_20D3+7F j
cseg01:2157 lea di, [bp+var_100]
cseg01:215B push ss
cseg01:215C push di
cseg01:215D lea di, [bp+var_204]
cseg01:2161 push ss
cseg01:2162 push di
cseg01:2163 call sub_7C1_20C7
cseg01:2168 call @CompareText$q6Stringt1 ; CompareText(String,String)
cseg01:216D or ax, ax
cseg01:216F jnz loc_0_2174
cseg01:2171 jmp locret_0_23CA
cseg01:2174 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------