I read "Zendenc FLEXLM 7.2 cracking information"

and I try to find the Seeds.

On my computer with :dd ESP, I find
006DCE10 - ptr to job structure
0080118C - ptr to vendor name
00801040 - ptr to vendorcode structure

Nolan Blenderd got these informations:
vendorcode+4 which is data[0] : DCE0A0A2
vendorcode+8 which is data[1] : FC58117B
job+8 : D3B4B0C2
job+c : 81042659
job+10 : D493C07C

With the Vendorcode 00801040+4=E0AAA4A0

but for the Job; 006DCE10+8=00000000
Please,Could you explain me ,where is my error
My OS is Win98