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    I read "Zendenc FLEXLM 7.2 cracking information"

    and I try to find the Seeds.

    On my computer with :dd ESP, I find
    006DCE10 - ptr to job structure
    0080118C - ptr to vendor name
    00801040 - ptr to vendorcode structure

    Nolan Blenderd got these informations:
    vendorcode+4 which is data[0] : DCE0A0A2
    vendorcode+8 which is data[1] : FC58117B
    job+8 : D3B4B0C2
    job+c : 81042659
    job+10 : D493C07C

    With the Vendorcode 00801040+4=E0AAA4A0

    but for the Job; 006DCE10+8=00000000
    Please,Could you explain me ,where is my error
    My OS is Win98
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Theres a pretty easy to answer to this question.

    Before the call to the lm_new() routine take a note of the pointer to the vendor code structure and the pointer to the job structure, then trace *directly* over the call to the lm_new() routine and get the values from the structures then, the lm_new() routine will populate the empty job structure and randomize the 2 seeds in the vendor code structure.

    Plug these values into calcseed.exe and you'll be able to derive the correct seeds ;-).

    For definition, lm_new() is the function in l_sg() that performs the gronking of the seeds and job structure using the system time, you can isolate it easily in IDA by looking for lots of references to _time(), all described in the Zendenc essay anyway ;-).



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    Nice explanation CrackZ__.

    This time gronking is explained in details in the "dan essay" found in the previous CrackZ__ site or Fravia.

    Is there any comment about CRO CrackZ__ ? You mentioned something about CRO concerning Gauss, but no further details ?

    I am learning how the "codes" concerning CRO in the FLEXlm are recovered, but have no success so far.

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