i read a previous thread about morpheus. I got a working dump using DeX but thatīs not all iīm interested in.

first of all iīd like to understand the anti-sice tricks used by PeX better.

i figured the int03-SEH trick (code02) as described by +Frog's Print & +Spath

after this test there is at least one more, which i cannot elude.
it works similar to the int03 seh.

the difference is that the exception is generated by an invalid
mov al, [ebx]
generatin an exception.

the exception handler will return to exitprocess ;(

if i bypass the falty instruction i end up with a messagebox
+--[PeX ...]----------------------------------+
| unable to load library |
(which seems fake to me.)

and afterwards iīm pushed into exitprocess again. *darn*

any help greatly appreciated