I was using IDA to reverse some program and i did
File->Load file->Additional binary file
IDA seemed to append the data from the file to the end of the
database with a header.
Now my problem is i don't want this added file on my database
and i don't know how to remove it
If this was some text editor i could simply remove it but IDA
doesn't let me and the database seems to be in binary format.
The patch feature only lets me change and not remove (and only a
few bytes at a time?).

The thing is i don't want some extra non needed data on my
database just to take up my windows scroll and take up memory.
I already added comments to my database so i can't just
disassemble it again without loosing my comments.

Anyone have any idea how to remove it? or maybe how to get all
my comments from it to put on a new database?