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Thread: Bit-Arts SoftLocx 5 Mutant Engine

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    Bit-Arts SoftLocx 5 Mutant Engine

    Hi all,

    As you may have seen at, Basher and romeo_uno have dared 'disrespect' +SplAj.

    So he published his SL5KeyGen. This prompted Bit-Arts to pull the DL page and re-hash their softs, put the new DL page up in just 24 hrs.

    So, here is the Dead Mutant version of SL5.exe for you all to study, look for //./NTICE
    //.//SICE FROGSICE etc etc.

    The moral of this is that once you are not a newbie. DONT friggin help anyone 'cause their ego's are toooooo BIG. Just crack for pleasure and for yourself. DONT 'dis' another
    reverser EVER.

    get the zipped-up exe from:-


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    You got it wrong!

    1. "Once you're not a newbie"??? What the hell is that?????? A good code reverser is ALWAYS a Newbie. When you lose that Newbie mind Ure fucked. "Zen mind is beginners mind" as the wise master once said.

    2. Helping others that are struggling to learn the craft (art) and have questions is a moral responsibility. Gaining knowlege, and helping others to do the same, is a major (or should be) reason for reversing. What? U reverse just get free software and some respect and worship in the minds of others????? Be a teacher - if U have something worthy of imparting!

    3. When U help others learn U may get burned. It goes with the territory. Who cares? A chemistry teacher may get blown up by some asshole student that used the teaching in a self-motivated (foolish) way. BFD! But!!!! - the rest of the class profitted by the teacher's wisdom and knowlege.

    Sorry for the lecture grasshopper. But U need to get U're priorities in sync with the real goals of doing RCE (and everything else, for that matter). Stealing ridiculous software and gaining prestige among peers ain't even close.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I seen this Splaj or newly named Horn_Dog post some ini keys on the forum some time back.. I thought this is strange why does this guy not explain his work , I left it be and then noticed his reply to a posting I'd done to some dude in a forum. Things don't make sense ?

    1. He's in no crew.
    2. I've never seen a crack of his posted.
    3. He's doesn't teach his findings. (I agree zitterbe)
    4. He seems to have a personal vendetta on bitarts (who??).
    5. He emails a magazine reviewer about his crack !!!
    6. He creates his own page about the product.
    7. No-one on the scene has heard of him.
    8. He codes a keygen in Visual Basic ?!

    My conclusion is that this idiot is using the scene for the benefit of a competior of Bitarts. The guy is crazy, well paid or both and doesn't even understand that forums like these are for teaching not for some personal corporate battle ! I only replied to this idiot because he uses the "+" , no I wasn't in HCU... but I do know he never was! Now this fool changes his alias because many R/C smell a corporate rat ! The kind of leech that infects our forums with his crazy chantings.. I notice he also posts a message in reversing site trying to stir problem there..

    This guy is the horn_duck -> he flies into the cracking scene flaps around , makes lots of noise, shits everywhere and then flies out with his pay and leaves us to clean up the mess !

    Splaj , horn_dog or whatever name you call youself.. The purpose of these forums is not to crack the !!! lame !!! warez of bitarts and play corporate battles but to teach new coders the art of R/C. Why not tell the corporate hand that feeds you to make their protection better ? .. I also find the info about bitarts being disbanded hcu members a touch insane... even if they were who cares we all have bills to pay (unless ur 13). How many ex-HCU members do you think may now be working for commercial companies ? The protection they do is good but no way uncrackable and this is a great oppertutinty for us to study and learn the techniques in use.. An example - AsProtect use(s/d) 'good' routines to prevent dumping such that novices cannot dump the file easily, are these guys in HCU ? Or are they not so damaging to the corporate trough you feed from HORN_PIG !

    I seriously cannot understand why UR so "uptight" with a protection solution that I've never seen in one single commercial product. You complain that someone dared 'disrespect' the mighty +SplAj if you continue to annoy everyone what do you expect ? You said you were doing a generic unpacker 4 shitlocx... where is it ? .. Oh I see U have to get dudes here to do ur dirty work because you can't access the PE so well in VB Oh well you're still getting paid for it

    I now understand why you use the "+" it's the most used button on ur calculator when u count that big fat pile of cash !

    Oh sorry I'm going to have to dare 'disrespect' the mighty +SplAj - FUCKU asshole and tell the same to UR corporate friend ! Go home pull your pants down and give it a good slap , it used to calm me down when I was 12

    Romeo_One -> @lias changed + retired with kids
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    You know, umm..., err, Romeo... One is it? I see that your original reply to Basher offered no help to him? As of this date you have no posts to help Basher with Softlocx, yet +Splaj had at least posed the keys to help?

    Then your replys themself show your maturity with your lovely profane language? Are you sure it's he who is 13? Hmm... ?

    Funny that Basher trashes +Splaj not realizing that he is using a V4 tutorial on V5. So for his help for whomever needed it for BitArts-ware, he gets two trash talkers?

    Oh, then your going to release something for CrypKey? Why?

    Oh, and by the way. He does not work for a competitor (Vbox, CryKey, etc.). So you can drop that idea.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    >Funny that Basher trashes +Splaj not >realizing that he is using a V4 tutorial on >V5. So for his help for whomever needed it >for BitArts-ware, he gets two trash talkers?
    >Oh, then your going to release something for >CrypKey? Why?
    One's doesn't knoe that releasing crypt keys
    are for lamers.Trash talkers? you two are the ones

    Doesn't fit to be grasshopper.listen to Zitterbe's. its a word of wisdom

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