I've got a demo soft. for making engineering calculation sheets. It contains blank forms, similar to MathCAD, and spreadsheets, similar to Excel. The objects on the blank form can be equations, texts (eg.imported from MS-Word), charts, or pictures. The equations can also be linked to its spreadsheets.

I've studied this demo for some time and so far found that it's equipped with the following protections:
1. nag screen with 30-day time limit.
2. the created files can't be reopened.
3. can't create more than 1 form and 1 sheet.
4. can't protect the spreadsheet cells.
5. put unregistered msg. with the printouts and all the objects copied.

The soft. is coded using Delphi. Recently released patch by FCN cleared only 1. I've already removed 1, 3 and found a workaround for 2. 4 isn't important to me. What's important is 5, which I can't find the text that is used in the watermark anywhere. The objects pasted in Word appear with the mssg. in picture format. How to deal with this? How is the message inserted in the object we copy? TIA.

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