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    Question help dummies

    i am reallly new to this iwas trying to run carmageddon 1 with out the cd but no success
    i cracked all the popups about the Cd not being in the drive but dont have clue abt the message that splashes across the screen saying 'Please Insert the Carmageddon Cd' i couldnt find this mssg in dsm strng ref.
    This mssg i am talkning is not a window pop up but full screen display.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    When trying to crack cd-checks, it is often more useful to go for the cd-check itself, than the error msg's. Thus, instead of trying to figger out how to make soft-ice break when the game is displaying it's string "gimme cd", try and find the place where it figures out that there is no cd. This is often done with getdrivetypea calls and others like it.
    Check Tsehp's mirror for student essays, there's a cd-project in there somewhere, with some nice essays. Also check R!sc's page for some ok cd-check essays.


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