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    MR. Candyman

    disassembly... I have about 3 programs on my computer for disassembly, 2 of which were referred to me when I asked on the Tools Of The Trade board which ones disassemble into C++ code. NONE of the programs do, or if they do the functions to make them go into C++ are hidden.

    The code they (includes IDA) come up with is uncomprehensable to me. What language is it? Any extrememly abreviated way to make me understand or at least begin to?

    PS: The board's a good idea, glad it's up...and sorry so sounding so be-garkled, but hey, i gotta start somewhere
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I bet the disassemblers you got are called IDA and Wdasm, hehehe (I can read minds). Well, for a start... I better tell you that the garbage these progs produce when disassembling a program is called "Assembly", which is actually a language...

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but there won't be C++ code coming out of a disassembly, never. (Guess, that will be too easy)

    Better learn Assembly first before doing the "hands on" part. There are lots of tutorials about it, some of the best ones are :

    - The Art of Assembly (It's supposed to be great, personally I never came around reading it)
    - Adam's tutorial on _mammon's page. (Funny, I really liked it - 98 printed pages if I remember)

    Unfortunately I'm not at my machine so I can't furnish the links for these tuts. (search )


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    Don't think there is such a thing as a C++ Decompiler. IDA and such are Disassemblers which give output in Assembly language or ASM.

    The closest I've seen is REC - " a portable reverse engineering compiler, or decompiler.
    It reads an executable file, and attempts to produce a C-like representation of the code and data used to build the executable file."

    If this question is in the context of "How do you reverse engineer?", forget the idea of "Decompiling" programs into their source code. You need to learn, live and breath Assembly

    Hope this helps.

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