Hi all.

I have a general question about reverse engineering. Most boards or webpages, that are giving information about that theme seem to be damned to be somewhere in the mid of guy-playing-with-code and evil-cracker information.
Often theres not even a distinction between cracking and reversing.
So what is reversing?
Is it just something, some guys do when they are bored or is it something that also exists in the real world - something that (few) ppl use, to earn their money?

I'm asking this question, because that whole theme is really fascinating me - i am really at the beginning and my non-existent mathematical intelligence isnt making things better, but i wonder if that stuff is of any use for my life - or for the life after my education
(talkin about software reversing, not social reversing which IS really needed to get a real idea of who i am and what the world around me is [in my opinion]).

I read something about legacy systems, where reversers are needed to maintain them - but i didn't find any real information about that on the net, don't even know what it is.

Any thoughts are welcome