Hey people, I realize I should be posting in the newbie area, but I would actually like someone with a clue to read this...

I'm hoping you can help me... I've read goatass' tutorial on cracking Sx32w.dll for Flexi-Sign Pro. I am a registered user of the software, I have a hardware key and the latest version of the app (I used DumpSentinel v0.2 to dump the contents of my flexisign key, if anybody has doubts). The hardware key (sentinel superpro) however, is a constant pain in my ass... the program crashes every time there is a lot of data traveling through the key, or if there is another key attached to it (ie: Graphix Advantage (superpro) or Microsource POS (scribe), both of which I use frequently and legitimately own). At any rate, I thought I would try to use the tutorial to crack the app... I have since discovered that I lack the appropriate grey cells. I am hoping you can direct me to someone who can give me a hand, or supply me with a "fixed" version of Sx32w.dll. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Thank you,
Aldavan Diablo