There is a criterion established for identifying a virus, It began with the Koch postulate which basically claimed that a virus needed to be isolated and demonstrated to infect organisms in the same manner as the suspected virus. Of course, that is not kosher when it comes to infecting people.

This procedure was not followed with HIV and that suspected virus has never been proved to exist using the Koch postulate or the newer guidelines established at the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris. The French scientist who discovered HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier, admitted he did not follow the protocol of the LPI even though one of his team members sat on the LPI panel that laid down the method for identifying a virus. In fact, the latter, Dr. Barre Sinousi, has gone on to HIV fame based on her involvement in the discovery which ignored the rules she help establish for identifying a virus.

The LPI protocol requires that a virus must be isolated, purified, and examined under an electron microscope. In the case of a retrovirus like HIV, it looks like a tiny golf ball with spikes extending from it and it's diameter can be measured precisely. Montagnier admitted he met neither of those requirements and a lab technician confirmed that HIV was never seen using an electron microscope.

So how was HIV identified? wasn't. According to Montagnier, strands of RNA were found in a specimen from someone with AIDS and it was PRESUMED the RNA came from HIV. Other scientists were quick to point out that the RNA could have come from other infections in the AIDS patient since most people with AIDS have several other infections due to their lifestyles.

There is a problem in modern science, that when a paradigm is established, anyone not accepting it is ostracized. Dr. Peter Duesberg, a world renowned expert on retroviruses, claimed that HIV is a harmless virus that could not possibly cause AIDS. Montagnier eventually came to agree with him but meantime, Duesberg was stripped of his right to teach classes as a professor and reduced to conducting lab classes. The same thing happens with scientists who oppose the anthropogenic warming paradigm even though no one has yet proved a connection in the atmosphere between warming and anthropogenic gases.

Since the RNA means of identifying a virus has become a paradigm, most other virii like SARS, the swine flue, and now the corona virus have been identified using the same indirect method. No one has produced an image from an electron microscope of any such isolated virus.

Stefan Lanka, an expert on viruses, who discovered the first virus in the ocean, has studied this closely and has claimed that most virii have no images to verify them. That included not only the HIV virus, but other virii like small pox, polio, et al. He claims images offered of such virii are nothing more than the cell masses in which they are claimed to exist. Montagnier seemed to confirm that approach when he claimed he THOUGHT 1 in 10,000 cells in a specimen were HIV. He never saw an isolated HIV virus, he THOUGHT it must be there based on strands of RNA.

Here's the scary part. Scientists are targeting that RNA with toxic drugs in an attempt to eradicate THE RNA. Some of those clowns have gone so far as to claim the drugs have eradicated HIV. However, the drug companies who produce the drugs offer a disclaimer that the drugs cannot cure an HIV infection and they warn that the drugs can cause life threatening complications with the liver, kidneys, and blood, while PRODUCING THE OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS KNOWN AS AIDS. The latter issues in known as IRS and Duesberg has aptly labelled it as 'AIDS by prescription'.

The World Health Organization claimed an imminent pandemic based on the HIV virus. It did not happen, in fact, less than a fraction of 1% of the populations of countries where people enjoy a healthy immune system contracted AIDS. A local HIV expert claimed that if every person in my region, of 4 million plus, were tested, only a small fraction of 1% would test positive.

So why have we been inundated the past 40 years with disinformation about HIV? And why are we now being inundated with scary stories about a virus that has never been officially identified? Montagnier, who discovered HIV, came out a few years ago and claimed that HIV will not harm a healthy immune system. The data backs that statement. Therefore, I am going to take the current propaganda about the corona virus with a grain of salt.

I am not into conspiracy theories, my interest is in science, which is based on the scientific method. The latter was never applied to HIV or the corona virus, nor has it been applied to the theories of anthropogenic global warming, climate change, the Big Bang Theory, black hole theory, evolution, space-time theory, or some parts of quantum theory.

The human mind can be dangerous in science when ego becomes mixed with observation. In fact, ego clouds observation and distorts it. It's even worse when that ego is coupled with the opportunity to make big money. None seem more ego-oriented and profit-oriented than the crowds involved in pushing the HIV-AIDS theory. Even though Montagnier claimed from the beginning that HIV alone could not cause AIDS, others like Robert Gallo, who has a patent on HIV tests, rode the propaganda to wealth.

I don't know what the angle is today with the corona virus but Lanka has claimed in the past with the bird-flu and the swine-flu that neither was caused by a virus but due to infections from animals being kept in squalid environments. That describes the conditions from which the corona virus is claimed to emanate, open markets where meat products and live animals are kept in close quarters. I am willing to bet this is not a virus either but a product of humans treating animals badly and failing to protect meat products against bacterial infection.