Well this is pretty amazing, I started looking into the details of findstr, for those who might be interested there is a very detailed sequence of posts on the undocumented features of findstr here


Towards the end of the discussion is a reported bug that findstr can't find a file if it has an en dash () or em dash () within the filename. These are supposedly punctuations slightly longer than a regular hyphen (-). There is no direct keyboard key for them, but I decided to try a regular hyphen in the output name and it seems to solve the recursion problem we've been discussing.

Compare these two commands from the main Strings folder:

>strings64.exe * | findstr /i "the" > out.txt (gives recursive output)

>strings64.exe * | findstr /i "the" > -out.txt (gives correct search results without including the piped output file)

As for the piped output question I asked, there is a complete table here for example showing the differences between >, >> and other syntax