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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenil View Post
    deroko/crazyserb wrote a tool what breaks for the cpuid command, since 2016 i didnt see him anymore before he worked for to improve their anti debug technics helping in software protection
    Are you saying deroko's tool can break out of the VM to other parts of the host?
    I remember deroko, got some good advice from him re SI right here on RCE. Isn't/wasn't he with ARTeam?....
    Both of following sites marked clean by virustotal except for 4 on deroko's site. However, deroko has an interest in writing viruses which he explains in a tab on the site. Kaspersky marks his site as clean.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elenil View Post
    ...can you show me more about this ?
    yes...if you can wait till I get windbg going again. Blabberer is the expert and I think there are examples from him in my thread on USB.

    Just found this page in my USB thread. See post# 112, marked at end of blue bars.

    It shows an example of !devnode, which is a node between drivers in a driver stack. The PDO is a physical device object which loads an FDO, a functional device object.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elenil View Post
    if you can set it up i would look into how softice handle the video frame buffer ...
    I plan to try windbg on XP soon, still working on stability issues. I have USB running on XP on the new mobo on a VIA external card but it's a bit flaky. Currently using an OS/2 mouse and keyboard.
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