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    This is more of a whine than anything. I get asked, as do others, why I am wasting my time with XP, a question for which I have no reasonable answer. Does one need an answer? I have personal reasons but nothing major, my main OS is W7 and , again, the question is why? I'll give several reasons why, after an irritating experience with W10 over the past few days.

    I decided to upgrade my old laptop to the 19xx version of W10 from the 18xx version, and it has turned out to be a big mistake. Microsoft has screwed the boot partition on it. I d/l'd the W10 upgrade, waited as long for it to install, only to be told that W10 cannot be installed on my """USB""" drive. Excuse me??

    After taking 40 minutes to 'upgrade' windows "10", as they announced while doing it, at the end, I get this brilliant message: This PC Can't Run Windows 10. How can anyone be so blatantly stupid as to tell a user his system meets the standards for the upgrade, apparently upgrades the OS, then claims, "You can't install Windows on a USB flash drive using Setup".

    For cripes sake, this puts Microsoft programmers in the lower levels of the IQ scale. How can anyone possibly allow such a poorly written piece of software to be released??? It knew I had W10 ver 1806 on a hard drive and that the 18xx version was being upgraded. Then it tells me I am using a USB drive????

    But, why? why? why? does it refuse to allow the user to examine the installation? There is no option, once you acknowledge their idiocy, they cleanup the installation, apparently meaning they undo the upgrade. They finish with this brilliance: "Something went wrong". Duh!!!! After 40 minutes of dowloading the upgrade followed by another 40 minutes of installing it, they claim: "Something went wrong".

    During it's initialization, it managed to screw my boot sector. Microsoft can take its W10 and stick it in a dark place. It is more stable than XP, although XP fairly whizzes along with an i5 processor and a 300-series chipset. It is not more stable than W7, however, and I see no clear advantage to using the over-bloated W10.

    [/whine off].

    BTW, I have just been educated on the EFI BIOS, which Msoft has designed to prevent older systems like XP from being dual-booted with W10. Somehow, I managed to change my BIOS from the BCD-based system to the EFI system. Another big mistake. Now I am trying to find out how to change it back.

    At the moment, I am enjoying working in XP as much as anything. It has it's limitations compared to W7 or W10 but it's fun. Isn't that the main thing?
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