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VEN_8086&DEV_15BC for an Intel 1219-v LAN chip.
maybe i shot into the dark, i just try to make it quick

but looking at the intel website for:
"Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V"

the I219-V is listed as "os independed" supported (Date: 11/4/2019)

can i have the motherboard name and identifier ?

im not certain what is searched anymore: lan driver, chipset, usb 3.0 driver, grafics card driver or for softice functionality (joke) :-)
they installed as single drivers or procedure

for a big update to kernelbase.dll and kernel32.dll and maybe ntoskrnl we would need some people to call together
in this case maybe there is some room from different websites too
a similiar idea exited in the thread kayaker posted
if the people come together there might be a solution to that question

the export if is made by either supervisor mode or user mode is given by windows to the searching module (executable,dll ect.) it does this over the pe header/structure by reading out the exports/imports, what follows a norm in the pe header
system driver do have a pe header/structure too
the identifiers are the name of the exporting module "like kernel32.dll"
then the name of the function in that module like "GetProcAddress"